Home Improvement Industry Customer Obsession Cheat Guide

Forrester research commissioned by Goodays,  featuring expert opinions from Steve Collinge & leader profiles of IKEA, Blue Diamond and Screwfix.


39% of HQ teams and 38% of front-line staff have said that they do not listen to the voice of the customer in real-time.

Within a challenging landscape such as digitalisation and e-commerce, customers have a lot of alternatives to choose from when a brand doesn't meet their expectations. 

So how do you differentiate yourself from the competition and succeed in the long term? 


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  • Understand why the DIY, home and garden industries need to become customer-obsessed.
  • See why DIY, home and garden industry behemoths Ikea, Blue Diamond, and Screwfix are named as our top 3 leaders.
  • Find out how Blue Diamond and Goodays are empowering store teams to transform into a more proactive approach.

Discover the DIY secrets for becoming customer obsessed

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