Goodays Commits to Miscarriage and Menstrual Leave

Critizr Commits to Miscarriage and Menstrual Leave

As of May 1, 2022, we have introduced menstrual leave and miscarriage leave for all employees in France, Spain, Japan, the Netherlands and the UK. Days off will also be granted to the second parent whose partner has suffered a miscarriage, whether or not she is an employee of Goodays.

We are proud to be a forerunner and a driving force for social law to evolve in this direction. Quebec and New Zealand have already taken steps to change their labour codes to include leave for women who suffer a miscarriage and for their spouses. This decision is in line with the benefits already implemented at Goodays to give everyone the space and comfort to fulfil their potential. 

The following measures, therefore, apply to all 100 Gooday employees in Spain, France, Japan, the Netherlands and the UK:

  • Natural termination of pregnancy (miscarriage) during the first 22 weeks of pregnancy: 5 days' leave granted.
  • Employee whose spouse, whether or not an employee of the company, suffers a natural

(miscarriage): allocation of 2 days of leave.

  • Dysmenorrhoea linked to endometriosis or another pathology: allocation of one day of leave per month, or two days if necessary

Xavier Molinié, VP Human Resources at Goodays, tells us more: "These measures, over and above our legal and conventional obligations, enable us to support our employees during the difficult times they may be going through and when working can be difficult - if not impossible. As one of the forerunners, we want to be among those who lead the way in future social developments."

To see Goodays' commitments and values, please visit our company page here. 

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