How Cameron, the Store Manager at Sporty, transformed a dissatisfied customer into a satisfied customer with help from Critizr

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David, a true collector of sneakers, follows a ritual: he always wears the newest style from his favourite brand the day it is released.

Since he has little patience for sorting through the aisles, he decides to purchase his new Nikidas online and pick them up at a nearby store at the end of the day. Like 50% of internet users who visit a store within 24 hours of a local Google search on a mobile device, David decides to visit a branch of Sporty the very next day, convinced by the excellent Google reviews.

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When he arrives at the store, there are several cashiers and only one line. David is not happy: he has opted for click & collect to avoid the in-store wait, but realizes that no steps have been taken to accommodate it.Near the registers, he sees a flier inviting customers to share feedback about their experience via text message.Unfortunately for Sporty, on this particular day, David is not satisfied and immediately leaves negative feedback.

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Cameron, the Store Manager, is instantly notified of David's negative feedback through the Critizr dashboard, and decides to give him a call.

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This is the first time David has ever been personally contacted by a Store Manager to talk about his experience.

A few months later, David returns to Sporty—this time to buy a gym bag (part of a post-vacation resolution). This time, he discovers the registers completely reorganized: the store has a dedicated  waiting area and a special register for picking up online purchases. Not only does he go on to share this experience with his friends, but he has also gives Sporty the maximum rating in the customer satisfaction survey he receives 24 hours after this most recent purchase.

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He leaves with a smile on his face and his new gym bag over his shoulder, thinking to himself that he will surely return to Sporty for his next purchase.

65% of dissatisfied customers can be won back by businesses trying to resolve problems from the very first interaction. This story is proof of that.With Critizr, you can sort, rank and analyse your customers' feedback in real time. Employees throughout your company can use this data to create action plans, all with a customer-centric approach. Talk about a boon for any marketing team that knows how to promote customer feedback. 

Watch this video to discover how Cameron, the Store Manager at Sporty, transformed a dissatisfied customer into a satisfied customer with help from Critizr: 

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