Interview with Patrick Guimet, Head of the Customer Relations department at Monoprix


Patrick Guimet is the Head of Customer Relations for the flagship brands of the Casino Group (Monoprix, Naturalia and Monshowroom). This “legacy” company is a leader in the convenience store sector and is present across French territories.

As the Head of Customer Relations, Patrick opens up about some of his key issues: 

  • Customer dialogue occurs through home delivery, a key moment in the customer experience and engagement process. Home delivery is at the heart of e-commerce digital strategy, representing 15% of the company’s total sales revenue.
  • Customer listening is a key concern instilled in every one of the network’s teams, an issue raised by the Group's "Insights" division. 
  • The optimisation of customer satisfaction and loyalty includes the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and the Critizr customer feedback platform.

Patrick’s advice when launching a customer listening project:

  • Don’t imitate your competitors—instead, serve your company by  identifying its actual needs.

Monoprix’s customer experience challenges for 2018:

  • Following the initial launch of customer listening in 2014, the project was made widespread in 2017 and is now entering the final stages of deployment.
  • The latest challenge is to ensure that customer listening practices are adopted by all teams so that they become an integrated aspect of the company’s managerial culture.

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