Interview with Stéphane Cossic, Customer Feedback Manager at Carrefour


For Stéphane Cossic, Customer Feedback Manager at Carrefour, it’s the little details that make a big difference. As a key employee of the market leading mass retailer, ranked third globally in sales revenue, he should know what he’s talking about. Responsible for overseeing customer studies and feedback, Stéphane’s primary task is creating customer loyalty. The best method for doing so is no secret: it requires the creation of solid customer listening.


Customer relationship: The advantages of customer listening

According to Stéphane Cossic, if there is a primary benefit to be gained from customer listening, it is customer relationships. With the help of carefully collected data, he makes retaining customer loyalty a point of pride. “We are all aware that strengthening the loyalty of existing customers is less costly than trying to create new ones”.


Advice when launching a customer listening project: Make all the services aware of the new practices and lead the company in following them. 

Creating customer loyalty is a task that must be carried out at every level of business, from retail employees to the Director General. Customer knowledge is the most effective way to identify the points of contact where Carrefour can improve relationships, increase favourable opinion among customers and encourage them to return to their stores.


Stéphane continues the interview by talking about his favourite customer experience, which he was able to accomplish through customer listening and linguistic analysis that he carries out at the end of each year. The phrase

“Father Christmas” was identified as a recurring motivator for returning customers, notably to learn which hours Father Christmas would be present outside a store. As a result, his teams were better equipped to communicate dates and times to the general public and thereby boost store traffic. “This example was taken all the way to the Director General!”.


 Discover all this and more in the short video interview!



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