WATCH: “Our NPS is up 5 points” - CX Director of Jules discusses the benefits of working with Goodays

At Goodays’s first SuperLocal'22 customer event, we spoke to Céline Lemaire, Customer Experience Director of Jules. Since the northern French retailer adopted Goodays in May 2020, customer satisfaction and sales have increased. Céline Lemaire also talks about the direct link between NPS and sales that she has been able to measure.

What changes have you made in measuring customer satisfaction over the last two years? 

Céline Lemaire: Until 2020, we measured customer experience in the traditional way, i.e. by studies led by the marketing department at the national level. Then we made a switch, giving power to the local level, directly in the shop. The in-store teams chose Goodays as their interface for interacting with and winning back customers, a tool that they widely approve of. 



What results have you achieved since you adopted Goodays? 

C.L.: In the shops, the adoption of the interface is unanimous. The teams quickly got into the game, and the customer response rate is over 98%. Thanks to the chat module, they have a single interface to respond to customers and appreciate these direct interactions. In terms of results, responses are provided in less than 24 hours, shop ratings on Google are increasing, and our overall NPS is up 5 points in 2022 compared to 2021. So team engagement has a direct impact on NPS! 



Have you seen a link between your NPS growth and your sales levels? 

C.L.: With the help of the consulting agency KnowYourPeople, we use the data provided by Goodays to perform statistical analyses. The results are unambiguous: improving the NPS directly impacts sales and triggers additional turnover. We can precisely calculate the amount of additional sales for each customer induced by an increase of x% in NPS. Clearly, the engagement of advisors, which is reflected in the time and quality of response provided to the customer, influences the NPS, which in turn drives business. Shops can now build their budget plan and local actions precisely on the basis of these ROI forecasts.  



Do you have other projects with Goodays? 

C.L.: Since April 2022, we have decided to adopt the Goodays Highlight solution, a semantic analysis module. By sifting through our three million verbatims, we can determine the feelings behind the words, whether they are positive or negative. The idea is not just to get a good NPS score but to understand precisely why consumers give us these scores. In this way, we can determine which items can be praised on the one hand and those that need to be improved on the other. 

Discover more about the Jules and Goodays partnership by accessing the Case Study below.


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