Carrefour and Goodays Empowering store teams to deliver for their customers

Carrefour is one of the largest retailers in Europe. As a global business, it serves over 104 million household customers worldwide, processes 13 million daily cash transactions and has 14.2 million loyalty cardholders. For the last 5 years, Goodays has partnered with Carrefour France across the business: from helping front-line staff to adopt a more customer-centric culture to supporting them throughout the pandemic. Here is our story.


Carrefour customer-centricity

Our starting point is the importance Carrefour has always placed on customer satisfaction and feedback. This is evident most recently in the company's announcement at its AGM that CEO Alexandre Bompard will be remunerated partially on the basis of Carrefour's NPS score. Bompard's enthusiasm for a company-wide customer focus is clear in his comments.

"We have put customer satisfaction at the heart of our transformation. NPS is an additional KPI for Carrefour and there is a high level of ambition across the group for an increase to our score of 15 points by 2022.”


As a longstanding partner, Goodays has wholeheartedly supported Carrefour’s ambition and transformation. But with over five thousand stores in France, how has the company successfully involved its in-store employees in reaching NPS targets? Carrefour’s use of the Goodays platform has been essential in ensuring staff respond to customer feedback and do so with a human touch – to demonstrate that they genuinely care about their customers.



Carrefour creates customer-wide customer champions with Goodays

Carrefour chose Goodays as their Customer Feedback Platform for 3 main reasons:

  • It’s a simple solution that easily connects to the various listening channels in the Carrefour ecosystem.

  • It’s an innovative product that mobilises all Carrefour employees behind the cause of improved customer satisfaction – from HQ to the local shop floor.

  • It’s an evolving partnership that means Carrefour can react quickly to customer issues as they arise.

In addition to driving the adoption of the Goodays platform, Carrefour facilitates special training in customer loyalty-building for in-store checkout staff. New ‘Customer Relationship and Services Manager’ positions have been created in hypermarkets to strengthen the company’s customer culture. These measures combine to promote a strong culture of individual and collective commitment, uniting employees around a clear objective: to meet customer expectations.

As former E-Commerce Director, Customer Data and Innovation specialist at Carrefour France, Hervé Parizot stated: 

Thanks to Goodays, the relationship between the consumer and the store is facilitated, as the customer can now be in direct contact with our store managers via the integrated platform on our web and in-store tools. This innovative and unique solution reinforces the close connection that we have with our customers.” 


Leading Grocery by Conversation

Goodays' conversational approach has ensured that in France last year, nearly 2 million customer feedback messages were collected by Carrefour in-store. Responding to all those messages seems like a monstrous task, but by involving 6,000 frontline employees with access to the Goodays platform, Carrefour hit a 96% response rate meaning over 1.9m customers received a response to their feedback.

Just this month, Rami Baitièh took the helm as CEO of Carrefour in France. From day one, true to his customer-first ethos, he has championed customer feedback and encouraged customers to send their comments to him directly: a method he has used to turn around the performance of Carrefour teams whilst leading in Taiwan, Argentina and Spain.

His approach is indicative of Carrefour’s uncompromising approach. It’s all about being constantly attentive to customer needs and putting consumers front and centre of the decisions and actions of every member of staff – and not just the CEOs. Whether they are stocking shelves, working at the checkout, managing a local store or working at head office, the link created by Goodays' platform between teams and their customers is what strengthens Carrefour’s culture of ‘customer first’ across the business.


act for change carrefour

Carrefours Act for Change 4 commitments. 


Supporting Carrefour during the pandemic

During the past few difficult months for retail, our focus has been on supporting our existing customers as trusted partners. We were able to work with Carrefour to implement a stand-alone website to collect messages of praise and appreciation for local employees via our #YourCustomersSayThankYou initiative (You can read more about this here.)


Carrefour YCSTY

Carrefour's #YourCustomersSayThankYou page.

We have collected nearly seven and a half thousand messages of support for Carrefour’s local teams and will continue to collect messages as we enter the new COVID-19 reality.


Screenshot 2020-07-14 at 12.34.08 Screenshot 2020-07-14 at 12.32.52

Messages collected for Carrefour stores
(please note these messages have been translated from French to English)


The future for Carrefour and Goodays

Despite the challenges 2020 has brought, Goodays partnership with the Carrefour group is going from strength to strength. We continue to work closely with their teams, expanding our partnership and supporting the Carrefour 2022 vision and NPS target.

The key to our successful partnership? An approach built on trust, service and store experience. And a strong belief that, from headquarters to the shop floor, it’s all about the customer.



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