Pimkie relies on Goodays to optimise the customer experience in store

Pimkie the European women's fashion retailer has adopted the Goodays solution to listen to their customers at every stage of the Customer Journey. This initiative allows Pimkie to better track customer satisfaction and initiate action plans to improve the customer experience. Local teams now receive feedback and reviews and can respond to their customers themselves.

Listening to customers at every stage of their customer journey

Since August 2019, Pimkie has strengthened its customer listening management with the help of Goodays. With the aim of ensuring a seamless customer experience, the company has set up a system for soliciting the opinions of its customers, whatever their experience: post-purchase in store or via the brand's e-commerce site, post-delivery, after-sales interaction, etc.

At the same time, the brand also collects spontaneous reviews posted on the Google My Business (GMB) pages of each store, and invites its customers to express their views on their experience by deploying POS in-store.

At Pimkie we have always listened to our customers, but the process is irregular. This time, we have entered a new dimension. We were looking for a partner who could take us further by allowing us to listen to our customers at every point along the way. Faster too: Goodays deployed its solution in record time,"

Hélène Moittié, Head of Customer Excellence at Pimkie.

A Customer-Obsessed strategy, from head office to frontline

Today the Goodays solution is connected to nearly 600 Pimkie stores in 6 countries: France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany and Austria as well as to 6 e-commerce sites. In order to optimise the deployment of Goodays and to enhance its Customer Obsessed strategy, a major differentiating factor, the company reviewed its internal organisation. With Goodays' help, Pimkie plans to train and inform 100% of its teams in its customer-focused approach.

Their store managers and salespeople can see daily, from their checkout and mobile phones, the ratings and reviews of customers and respond directly to them. In order to make them aware of the need to prioritise customer satisfaction teams are challenged around satisfaction indicators.

In addition to being a managerial tool, the NPS is becoming a measurement tool that enables action to be taken in a very operational way.

From data to action

The data collected by Goodays allows teams to easily understand which improvement levers to mobilise.

Pimkie has also created the new position of Customer Experience Manager. This person is responsible, in close collaboration with the Customer Research and Knowledge Manager, for identifying the topics raised by customers that need to be the main focus for action.

For us, customer excellence is the result of both listening and acting. Everything that Goodays enables us to collect is intended to be analysed to propose highly personalised courses of action to our customers. By organising ourselves at the head office around listening to customers and giving our in-store teams the means to converse with their customers, we intend to solve all the problems identified thanks to the solution", adds Hélène Moittié.

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