Silo'd organisations prevent effective action being taken on insights

When transforming a business into a customer-obsessed, market-leading retailer one of the most important factors is communication. Not just between the brand and its customers, but internally - from the local store staff on the ground serving customers every day, right up to the board executives at HQ. 

Unfortunately, a far too common problem among retailers today is the habit of working in silos, which can distance them from their customers, misalign teams and inhibit success. And perhaps an even greater disadvantage is the effect this has on customer data collection. If valuable shopper data is being collected but not delivered to the right person to take real-time action, how can operational improvements to the customer experience be made? 

One way to eliminate these silos is to listen to and better understand your customers, by connecting them to your frontline staff then feeding back the insights to other retail departments, including HQ.  Listening to customers ‘on the ground’ allows for small, real-time adaptations to be made, whilst HQ teams can use these insights to influence wider business transformations. 

For example, Rosetta, the store manager for a grocery chain, logs into a customer interaction platform and see’s negative comments and reviews regarding the new placement of the fresh fruit section in her store. Customers aren’t happy and complain it affects their shopping trip as they regularly like to shop for their fruit and vegetables together. As a result, the fresh fruit section is returned to its original location, and the nationwide roll out of the new location across all 100 stores is halted due to this feedback, potentially reducing any more unhappy customers. 

Engaging with customers and using insights to influence the business in this way is our speciality. You don’t need to hire data scientists or market research companies as we put the voice of the customer at the centre and combine verbatim and quantitative data to place yourself in the mind of the customer. 

Retailers, it’s time to invest in a customer experience platform that enables these valuable conversations to happen, influences operational change to take effect and assists in overcoming a siloed mentality. 


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