Critizr becomes… Goodays

Since 2010, Critizr has been on quite a journey. From its creation and humble beginnings at University up to now a lot has changed. 


Over ten years, Critizr secured millions through fundraising, grew to over 100 employees, now present in 70,000 business locations across 32 countries, and working with over 150 of the world's biggest brands, including Carrefour, New Look, Crèdit Agricole and Domino’s. 


We've learned a lot along the way, and since we began this journey, we've seen a huge amount of innovation and change as we evolve our technology to meet clients' needs. And just as consumer behaviours and shopping habits evolve, so must our brand. 


This is why today we are excited to announce our new name… Goodays! 


Why Goodays?

Our new identity better illustrates what our business is all about, creating better days for everyone in commerce.


It's also a more positive name that works well internationally. We admit it, ‘Critizr’ wasn't exactly the easiest name to pronounce.



No matter which sector you work in or where you are in the world, everyone can identify with a good day in business. And we strive to make every day a good day. 


What is Goodays mission? 

Our mission remains the same as it's always been. To help companies adopt a customer-obsessed approach, from head office to local frontline teams. We provide our clients with a unique platform that makes it easier to have personal customer experiences at scale.


We will ensure you can spark real connections and engage in better, deeper and more frequent interactions with everyone while keeping things simple so that you can focus on actioning the metrics that truly matter.

Creating Goodays for everyone in commerce? 

It was important to us that our new identity not only aligned with our positive outlook on the commerce and technology industry but resembled how we help and support the thousands of people we work with. 

Goodays for frontline teams

Stores, banks, hotels, salons, restaurants and more. They all have one thing in common; they all need a customer-centric solution which not only impacts businesses' bottom line but actively motivates and empowers frontline teams.


We will continue to empower frontline employees by giving them the tools, knowledge and motivation they need to deliver better CX and see the immediate impact of their work.



Goodays for HQ Teams

Whether they work with customer insights, marketing, operations or customer experience, the Goodays platform is designed to deliver the results central teams need and impact where it matters most.


We are proud to offer a solution which lightens the load by reducing the gap between the HQ and local businesses, offering clearer visibility across the entire network and bringing valuable customer insights along the way.


Goodays for the everyday customer

We understand that every customer interaction matters for our clients, and how they are managed can be the difference between winning or losing a regular customer. Goodays is proud to offer a solution that puts customers at the heart of the business, enabling clients to build local bonds and increase loyalty.


Our internal Goodays team

The Goodays team, made up of 100 talented people, are excited about the future of the company. Having a strong, defined corporate brand which better reflects our ambition will be helpful for all of us in our roles.
We have made significant progress in the past 12 months to ensure we offer the best workplace experience for our team, for example, being one of the first French companies to offer paid menstrual and miscarriage leave. We will continue to innovate in this way under the Goodays name. 

We are incredibly excited about what's on the horizon at Goodays, and we look forward to bringing you on this journey with us.
Let's make all your days, Goodays ☀️
Nicolas and Thibaut

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