"It’s time for change"  -  A letter from our Founders

Critizr to change name

It's decided, we're changing our name.

Rest assured, the decision was not made lightly and comes after countless discussions and huge amounts of meticulous planning. Internally and externally, many of us worked on and have been a part of this important project.

Like most companies, we have changed a lot in the past ten years. And we wanted a refreshed brand that better reflects who we are today and the exciting next phase of our business development. 

It's also no secret that our current name sounds negative and can be difficult to pronounce. Therefore a new name aligns more with our updated vision and mission for the company. 


It must be said that we were far from imagining the ten years that followed the choice of the original 'Critizr’ name.

Sitting in the lecture hall of our school, half entrepreneur and half dreamer, we launched the business without thinking that we would become leaders within the sector today. Better than that, we have indeed helped shape a new approach to measuring customer satisfaction. An approach that focuses on the field and gives the frontline the responsibility they deserve. Something we are incredibly proud of. 

Since then, the company has continued to innovate. Beyond collecting the voice of the customer, we cover a broader mission: to bring all employees together around a common goal, the customer. The feedback we manage goes beyond complaints - 60% of them are positive.


Since then, the company has become international and operates in 32 countries worldwide, with four offices in Europe and one in Asia. We support leading brands in 20 different industries, from banking to retail, hospitality, automotive, and B2B.

Since then, we have passed the 100-employee mark with more than 20 nationalities making up our talented team. A team that is passionate about commerce and ready to participate in its transformation thanks to digital and technology.

So here we are. To keep up with all these developments, on March 15th, we will reveal our new name.

We can't wait to introduce you to the "successor" who will have the mission to build on the achievements of "Critizr": to continue to innovate and remain the reference solution on the market, to explore new usages, and to continue accompanying the transformation of commerce. 

With as much passion, madness and talent as ever. And for that, don't worry; the name changes, but the teams remain the same.


See you soon,

Nicolas & Thibaut

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