[E-book] NPS:  Become an expert on closing the loop


NPS is not just a customer recommendation indicator. Defined as “the decisive question” by its creator, NPS is a very reliable KPI that can bolster continuous improvement efforts throughout an organization. How so? Well, that’s what this expert e-book will demonstrate. 

If you know very little or nothing at all about Net Promoter Scores, we advise reading this e-book first: “Learn all about NPS: definition, calculation, and collection.” This is your introductory guide that defines NPS, how to calculate the score and collect data.

If you’re already familiar with the concept, you’re in the right place. You know about NPS, and maybe you’re even collecting NPS data within your company already. In any case, you’re here because you’re asking yourself: how do I make optimal use of my NPS score? 

You were right to ask! Although NPS is a relatively easy indicator to understand, the strategic lessons it can provide aren’t necessarily straightforward in the beginning. That brings us to the primary topic in this e-book. As NPS experts, we have summarised the best analysis and usage strategies for your score.

Regarded as one of the most reliable KPIs among leading companies such as Apple, Amazon, American Express etc., NPS is progressively becoming the must-have customer satisfaction indicator in European markets. It isn’t surprising. Aside from the score itself, NPS can truly bolster continuous improvement efforts and speed up growth. You’ll learn that in an era of big data and saturated markets, it would be unwise to leave this indicator to the wayside.

Our e-book outlines optimal NPS usage, how to analyse a score properly, how to capitalise on results, and how to get the entire business involved in a “customer-centric” approach while boosting business through NPS. Our answers lie within these pages, so what are you waiting for? Get reading and become an NPS expert ! 

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