Gender equality index: diversity at the heart of Goodays identity

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Fostering diversity: at the heart of our values and identity.


Under the leadership of Goodays co-founders Nicolas Hammer and Thibaut Carlier, we are committed to promoting an inclusive work environment, where every individual, regardless of gender identity, age, skin colour, sexual orientation or disability, is understood, valued and treated fairly.

We believe that diversity and inclusion are essential factors for equality and social cohesion, but also for innovation and performance.

Indeed, the promotion of professional equality between women and men and gender diversity within the company is one of the strategic pillars of Goodays' development.


Since its creation, Goodays has been committed to the feminisation of the digital sector. While the tech market employs 25% of women, Goodays welcomes 37.5% of women employees in 2021. 


Equal pay between women and men is a reality here at Goodays and we have indeed obtained a Gender Equality Index of 88/100 in 2020.

This score is based on 5 indicators: 

  • The average salaries of women and men within the company
  • The percentage of women and men who received an increase during the year
  • The evaluation of promotions
  • Increases during maternity leave
  • The number of women among the 10 highest salaries.


"After my first experience as an engineer in a large company, I made the choice to join Goodays at an early stage of their adventure. The project appealed to me, the challenge was considerable, I wanted to contribute to the development of Goodays.

Goodays is an environment where trust is placed in employees. This trust, combined with respect at all levels and an environment that encourages innovation on a daily basis, allows everyone to develop and achieve seniority. I was able to grow with the startup and gain experience and responsibility.

Today, as a mother of two young children, I am proud to work in a start-up with human values ​​that advocates diversity and supports the family. At Goodays, we do not penalise women who are mothers, we find solutions so that they can flourish and excel in their missions. "

- Souad Alia - Head of Product Management 


"I am joining a company whose values are aimed at quality communication in a respectful and attentive manner. Goodays seeks a relationship of trust in collaboration at all times and among all; are a company that succeeds in the simple articulation of humility, pride and ambition. From this point on, it's the Human Resources Department's mission to perpetuate and guarantee the growth of diversity as Goodays grows." 

- Xavier Molinié - VP of HR

France Gender Equality Index 2020
Goodays Score


The French law of September 5, 2018 “for the freedom to choose one's professional future” requires companies to calculate their gender equality index every year *.

We are actively working to further improve this score and make Goodays a company where all employees, men and women, benefit from the same opportunities to grow and advance their careers.

* In the form of a score out of 100, this index is made up of 5 indicators that assess wage inequalities between women and men within companies.


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