Interview with Léa Bernard, Marketing Director at France Pare-Brise

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Léa Bernard is the Marketing Director at France Pare-Brise, a professional network that specializes in automotive glass repair and replacement with 323 locations across France. France Pare-Brise is a member of the Saint Goban group.

According to Léa, there are two major benefits to customer listening: customer relationships and online reputation. 

Customer relationships:

Customer listening allows a company to better understand its customers and follow them through the entire purchasing process to identify any areas for improvement. It is the foundation for effective customer relationships and quality customer experience.

Online reputation:

This is France Pare-Brise’s secret weapon against their main competitors when it comes to marketing! In tight markets, managing digital reputation makes a real difference. With the help of customer listening and Critizr, France Pare-Brise has mastered their online reputation by proving that they put customer satisfaction first.

Léa’s advice when launching a customer listening project:  be open!

Open business centres around customer feedback, as improved customer satisfaction should be the goal of every team, not just the marketing and customer service departments.    

- Maintain an open attitude and a willingness to listen and incorporate both positive and negative feedback. Adopting this attitude helps foster a business culture of continuous improvement.

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