"Listening to customers on Goodays every day. That's how we can improve." - Dominos France CEO, Andrew Bradley

 During SuperLocal'22 , he came to share his experience with other Critizr customers.

A former Domino's Pizza franchisee, Andrew Bradley managed 8 stores before becoming the brand's CEO 4 years ago. Satisfying his customers has always been his motto, and he is now trying to apply to the head office what he learned and implemented in his franchises back then. During SuperLocal'22, he came to share his experience with other Goodays customers.


What is the identity of Domino's Pizza? 

Andrew Bradley: In France, Domino's Pizza has 500 stores, 95% of which are franchises.  Despite our size, our mindset is to be the local shopkeeper, hence the importance of our relationship with customers. We are talking about stores, not restaurants, because we originally offered a delivery service. Sixty-three years ago, the company's founder, Tom Monaghan, decided that customer service had to be the winning point in this business. His goal was to deliver in less than 30 minutes because he assumed that the stomach could wait only 30 minutes maximum, not more. The other thing he said was: "Never lose a customer. If you never lose a customer, your business will grow. I know that's easy to say but harder to do.


Domino's Pizza has a very unique relationship model. The interaction time with the customer is extremely short as it is almost exclusively during delivery and take-out... 

Andrew Bradley: Yes, and in fact, there is less and less human contact. When I started, we used the telephone exclusively. Today, 60% of our business is done through the website, and 90% of delivery is done online. That's why we make the delivery people understand that they are the only ambassadors of the brand. If the interaction during delivery is positive, Domino's is good; if it is negative, Domino's is bad.


Why did you install Goodays at Domino's Pizza?

Andrew Bradley: Previously, we had more direct contact with customers and service issues were handled locally. When I came to headquarters four years ago, I thought about how to improve customer service and get more information from different sources. Let's face it, some franchisees are still resistant to the idea of collecting customer reviews, especially when they are bad. And I say, "Yes, but these are customers who are giving us money. So we had to raise awareness and explain to our franchisees the benefits of this system.

To their great surprise, they received a lot of positive comments, whereas they expected to receive only criticism. For me, Goodays  is also a real source of motivation. Goodays was a solution to bring local customer service, to get more information from different sources. Goodays really made a difference. We had to educate on the subject, do a lot of animation and strive to explain to our franchisees the benefits of knowing what the customer thinks. The surprise they had: many people say good things. For me, the tool is a real source of motivation. To be able to say to a young delivery person, 'congratulations, you got great ratings on Goodays', does engage the teams!"


What do you do with franchisees who are reluctant? 

Andrew Bradley: You have to convince them. We can't force them because franchisees are independent entrepreneurs.  And if the business works well, it is even more difficult to convince them.  The most effective way is to create exchanges with other franchisees to create an internal emulation. Our best argument so far is to tell them that the platform allows for improving turnover.

In fact, 65% of dissatisfied customers come back after being properly taken care of. On the other hand, I do not favour the NPS incentive principle because it is part of the franchisee's job to increase the NPS. On the other hand, they are incentivized on the turnover, which the NPS indirectly impacts. The customer relationship is built over time. This corporate culture must come from the top. My role is to communicate and convince everyone every day. It's a subject that concerns me; I listen to what customers say on Goodays every day. That's how we can improve, both locally and nationally.


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