NPS : Test your knowledge !


Are you an expert on the most popular metric for measuring customer experience ? The Net Promoter Score is the indicator that piques the most interest among customer relationship managers. The world’s biggest, rapidly growing companies all use NPS. It has become a must-have for customer-centric businesses !

Increasingly popular among major European companies, NPS attracts users by being easy to implement and efficient. NPS has a real effect on customer satisfaction, CRM issues, management and on a business overall. It’s an essential tool that should be at the core of your customer feedback strategy!The idea is to listen to the customer, act and finally return to the customer with a response in order to close the loop.

This simplified customer feedback treatment process, is a primary resource for creating an exceptional customer experience and generating feedback collection for ROI.

This is why assessing your knowledge of the tool is essential to your company's success. 



Think you know all the secrets behind a NPS ? Go ahead and test your knowledge with this quiz and reassure yourself in your understanding of the tool or even find out what information you are lacking in this area.

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