"Reply with AI" by Goodays: Elevating Team Performance for Deeper, More Human Connections

For over a decade at Goodays, our commitment to cultivating a customer- centric culture has been unwavering. We believe that the essence of a customer-first approach is encapsulated in a comprehensive customer experience program that brings together the entire organization.

Transforming traditional satisfaction surveys into interactive conversations with frontline teams has emerged as the most effective strategy for engaging staff. This methodology has proven successful across a wide range of industries—from grocery stores to retail, hospitality to banking—demonstrating that integrating satisfaction metrics (NPS, CSat) with conversational engagement is the key to embedding a customer-first philosophy throughout the organization. Our approach has enabled over 70,000 physical retailers, e- commerce platforms, and customer service operations to engage daily with their clientele, thereby enhancing their commitment to customer-centricity.

In November 2022, the unveiling of ChatGPT by the American company OpenAI marked a significant milestone. Recognizing the transformative potential of this technology, we established the Goodays AI Lab exactly a year ago to delve into the applications of generative AI. Our journey thus far has reaffirmed our belief in the immense impact of generative AI on customer experience. As AI becomes increasingly woven into the fabric of the customer journey, we are witnessing a notable elevation in the standards of customer service, both directly and indirectly.

At Goodays, our mission is to enable CX programmes to also benefit from these major advances. We are convinced that generative AI is the way to make our platform even more impactful for our tensy<,  of thousands of daily users.

Thats is why we are thrilled to introduce "Reply with AI": our new conversational assistant designed for frontline teams and powered by Goodays' cutting-edge generative AI. This feature is meant to significantly increase the customer-centricity in all organisations.

Here's how it works.


Empowering your teams to respond more effectively to customers

"Reply with AI" streamlines the communication process between frontline teams and their customers, enabling more efficient and prompt responses. This feature automatically generates responses to customer feedback with a single click, thanks to the capabilities of generative AI. It understands the nuances of feedback and crafts appropriate responses instantly, drastically reducing the time required for customer interactions.

It also enhances the quality of responses your teams can offer— ensuring diversity in the replies, impeccable spelling and syntax …



Maintaining control for relevant and authentic interactions

When customers present specific issues, the personal touch becomes crucial. "Reply with AI" is designed to allow teams to incorporate their insights and contextual knowledge effortlessly. The AI serves as a support tool, enhancing the expertise of the frontline teams rather than replacing it.

This level of personalization guarantees that responses are accurate and reflective of the unique nature of each customer interaction. Teams have the flexibility to adjust the tone of the AI-generated responses, ensuring that the final message aligns with their desired approach. They retain full control over the final output, with the option to edit responses before sending to add a personal touch or make necessary adjustments.

But there's more! Goodays' AI is trained on thousands of high-quality responses to ensure relevance and precision in addressing feedback from our satisfaction surveys or reviews from platforms like Google or TripAdvisor. Stay tuned for more details in our upcoming articles on this topic !



An AI tailored for the needs of large companies

Designed to integrate seamlessly into the operations of large-scale companies, "Reply with AI" is accessible across mobile and desktop platforms, supporting over 25 languages. This level of flexibility and accessibility meets the dynamic needs of modern businesses, ensuring that organizations can easily and fully leverage AI.

We've also made significant investments to ensure that our AI adheres to the highest standards of data privacy and security, with particular focus on personal data management, to allow for a widespread adoption of this technology.



"Reply with AI" represents a key milestone in our ongoing effort to elevate customer experience for our clients. There are now no barriers to implementing a customer-centric approach across all the companies. It is available to all our clients without additional charges.

However, this is just the beginning. We are only scratching the surface of what's possible with this technology. As we look towards 2024, generative AI will become a core component of the Goodays platform, with many more features yet to be introduced in the months ahead!


Reach out to us today to discover more about our existing innovations and what we have in store for the future!

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