URW demonstrates CX excellence by increasing NPS and Customer Satisfaction with Goodays

With over 80 shopping centres across Europe and North America, Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield (owner of the Westfield brand) strives to remain customer-centric in everything they do. This is why, in 2022, they partnered with Goodays to become a truly customer-centric company by listening to their customers. 


Why did URW invest in a new, improved Customer Experience Management Platform? 

Post-Covid, URW wanted to rebuild a connection with customers, ensuring they were really being 'heard'. Jeantine Rakotondramanana, Group Director of Customer Engagement, explains,

"Our shopping malls are primarily about People. In our DNA, we are a physical, social network where customers interact with each other, tenants, and brands. So connecting with our customers during & beyond their journey in our malls, having real-time feedback, and embracing their satisfaction and NPS was a must-have move for us in our Engagement roadmap.


Putting Customer Voice at the heart of our strategy is an important part of our Group's vision".


- Jeantine Rakotondramanana, Group Director of Customer Engagement, URW Europe

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What technology did URW implement to help achieve its goals? 

Goodays enabled URW to implement a system for customers to instantly provide feedback via omnichannel touchpoints, e.g. QR codes placed strategically, ensuring they were visible and inviting to customers. In addition, the Goodays solution enables the Group's shopping mall's online reputation on public platforms such as Google My Business or Trip Advisor.

Fifty centres across 11 countries launched in July 2022 - all live, onboarded, and actively using the platform within a few weeks.


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URW Raise NPS and improve customer satisfaction: 

URW started seeing fantastic results in as little as five months after launching the Goodays platform. 

- Global NPS boost of +14 points 

- UK NPS boost of +31 points*

*NPS Data taken from the Goodays platform, NPS Increase is from the 2022 average to the 2023 average.


Click to read the full URW Case Study

After implementation, URW started measuring their customer satisfaction rating via the Goodays platform, which they saw an increase in overtime.

- Global Customer satisfaction increased by 5% to 4.29 / 5

- UK Customer satisfaction increased by 12% to 4.44 /5**

**Customer satisfaction data taken from the Goodays platform; the increase is from 2022 to 2023. 

- Globally, they retained over half (54%) of their dissatisfied customers. 


“With Goodays, we’ve changed the company mindset from NPS being a marketing KPI to everyone in the company caring about it. The more people hear about the platform across the business, the more people want to get involved.”


- Celine Kwiecien, CRM and Engagement Project Manager, URW Europe

Layering up their customer experience offering with the addition of the Goodays platform has been a key strategic project, enabling URW to align their centres and make a progressive change on a global scale.


Read the full Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield case study below: 

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