‘Whatsapp-ening in retail’? Your questions answered!

‘Whatsapp-ening in retail’? Your questions answered!

When we hosted the ‘WhatsApp-ening in Retail’ webinar with Twilio last month to a fantastic group of brands, we covered many topics. Including how to deliver WhatsApp conversations that drive value, best practices and examples of retailers using it to achieve their business goals. 

Due to having such an engaged crowd, we weren’t able to answer all your questions live (sorry about that!), but fear not, we’ve dropped the answers below: 

Can (Whatsapp) replace the current process of replying to customers through an email? 

Of course, we offer the possibility for customers to receive the follow up on their feedback through Whatsapp instead of mail/SMS. The results speak for themselves, based on the results from our clients in the fashion and food industry, an average of 32% of customers prefer to be contacted on Whatsapp and leave their phone number for the store to do so. 


And what about WhatsApp and the data treatment consent as the first step of the conversation? 

By leaving their number to continue the conversation with the store manager on Whatsapp, the customer agrees to be contacted on their personal app. They then have to confirm their consent in the app with one click so that the reply from the store manager can pop up in Whatsapp. 


How do you manage the messaging activities in the daily routine of sales associates?

Critizr enables you to centralize all customer communication on one platform, including chat messages, mail and SMS.  Local staff can adapt their response routine to their liking with one single platform for all channels on mobile or desktop.


Can someone use voice message instead of text message who may find typing difficult?

Not yet - but we are currently working on enabling that possibility for customers! 


How can Critizr assist a food distributor in interacting with its retailers and wholesalers regarding orders placed by retailers and wholesalers? 

With Critizr, clients become more connected with the business they are dealing with; those advantages are also very relevant in B2B business relationships. We have a portfolio of B2B clients we work with who are all seeing this connection grow between them and their customers. 


Can you integrate this with a payment link so the stores can take an order with a secure payment and have the option to post out?

We are exploring the possibilities of adding the payment call to action within the chat conversations. Stay tuned! 


Missed out on the original webinar? Don’t worry; watch the on-demand version by clicking below. 

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