Éram improves NPS and wins back customers, with Goodays

Éram dives into conversation mode with Goodays


Since the beginning of its partnership with Goodays, Éram - the French leader in shoe retail across major metropolitan and shopping centres - has been busy
gathering customer feedback. They've been doing this via emails sent to customers after each purchase is completed either online or in-store at its 208 locations connected through the Goodays platform. 


Thanks to the simplicity of Goodays’ survey interface, Éram can analyse the nature of comments left by its customers: 80% are complimentary, 9% identify problems, 10% offer suggestions and 1% consist of questions. This breakdown makes it possible to analyse and prioritize conversations with the goal of better engaging with customers.


Sharing the voice of the customer with the whole company

Since the Goodays platform makes it possible to centralise customer feedback, Éram can now easily share ‘the voice of the customer’ with every department throughout the company. For two years, this ‘customer-centric’ approach has
gradually been integrated into its day-to-day operations.

• Weekly data analyses with the objective of prioritising which actions to take.

• Review Voice of the Customer Analysis each Monday in joint management meetings.

• Real-time insights into customer satisfaction thanks to the Goodays back office accessible to store managers.

• Internal presentation of a semi-annual statement of projects initiated through customer feedback.


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Éram launches corrective actions based on customer feedback

By relying upon the feedback gathered and analysed via Goodays for Business, the brand launches targeted projects each quarter to improve its services and the quality of its products.

For instance, after identifying a delivery problem, they reviewed their package control process. The outcome: a significant decline in the number of comments related to this issue.

Éram now allows its customers, as a result of general demand, to be able to order a product that is no longer available in stores.



  • By reinforcing its customer-centric approach with help from Goodays, Éram has improved its Net Promoter Score (NPS), its primary performance indicator, by 2+ points.

  • 65% of dissatisfied customers can be won back when the company resolves problems upon the very first interaction.


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