Why one of France’s leading bed brands trusts Goodays with its customers

Introducing: La Compagnie du Lit


Founded in 1988, La Compagnie du Lit started with a straightforward mission: to improve the quality of sleep for the French nation. Specialising in mattresses and bed bases, the company pursued an ambitious and rapid growth plan in the bedding market with a dual sales strategy focused on in-store and online.


After thirty years of success, Compagnie du Lit is now an established player in the growing bedding market. The three keys to its success? Always anticipating the needs and expectations of consumers, delivering innovative services, and a relentless focus on the quality of the in-store experience.


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1. The situation

La Compagnie du Lit wanted to improve its relationships with customers by addressing two issues: a low renewal rate (e.g. repurchase of bedding products) and a lack of data on the quality of the in-store customer experience.

Companie Du Lit lacked insight into the ‘what happened next’ phase of the customer journey. The goal was to create a single view of the customer journey to measure the whole customer experience - from online research to the purchase, post-purchase and postdelivery stages.

“Listening to our customers is one of the key elements in bringing back shoppers who would have bought from us in the past.”


 - Sébastien Quach, Marketing Director of La Compagnie du Lit


2. The challenge

For La Compagnie du Lit, the main challenge was to improve customer interactions at every step of the way. In the mattress and bed base distribution sector, the renewal rate for this type of item is relatively low. Offering the best possible customer experience is critical throughout the entire customer journey.


compagnie du lit

Download the full case study here


3. Solving this challenge with Goodays

The Goodays platform has allowed staff to listen to and better understand their customers ahead of in-store visits. At the same time, the platform has created a single view of the customer for head office teams to gain insight into customer behaviour and test/trial new customer experience initiatives.

Reliable data:

The adoption of the Goodays platform has improved the reliability of La Compagnie du Lit’s customer satisfaction data. In-store teams capture every customer’s essential data and have access to fine-tune the data to take fast effective action.

Local customer satisfaction:

With the Goodays platform in place, La Compagnie du Lit has handed local store teams the keys to customer satisfaction. It has become a reflex for employees and a topic discussed in weekly team meetings.


Download the full case study here

"Goodays is the ‘armed arm’ of the store manager – a necessary extension that captures the real feelings of the customer."


 - Sébastien Quach, Marketing Director of La Compagnie du Lit

Customer interactions in every channel:

La Compagnie du Lit has integrated the Goodays solution into all 60 branches to enable customer reviews, which can be grouped and managed directly across various communication channels, including email, SMS and Google My Business. In addition, Goodays has enabled the brand to collect new vital indicators that were missing from stores (including post-visit and post-purchase questionnaires) to understand customers’ experiences and expectations better.


"Goodays helps us enormously on a daily basis because processing is very intuitive and very efficient. The platform encourages us to put method into the way we respond to our customers."


 - Sébastien Quach, Marketing Director of La Compagnie du Lit


4. The results


  • Goodays is now used in all 60 branches and is an integral part of La Compagnie du Lit’s Customer Journey.

  • 95% of shop managers use Goodays to support their store operations

  • 71% of users log on at least once a week to guide overall store management.


Download the full case study here

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