Carrefour Belgium creates faster feedback loops and engages franchisees

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1. Become Customer Obsessed

To achieve true Customer obsession, Carrefour Belgium needed to be connected and engaged with customers on a day-to-day basis. 


2. Faster feedback loops to ‘warm up’ NPS

Carrefour Belgium was experiencing a ‘cold’ NPS. Insights that should have prompted immediate action were no longer relevant. They needed a solution that created faster feedback loops with customers so that staff could adapt and act faster to improve the customer experience.


3. Engage Franchisees in a daily CX Program

“We needed a solution that would become an everyday part of the Franchisee’s routine.”


- Bram Vermesen, Director of Customer Excellence Stores


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The Solution


An enhanced CX Programme

Carrefour Belgium implemented a conversational customer experience solution which enabled frontline teams to interact and engage with their local customers.


Identifying 'at-risk' customers

Goodays configured dissatisfaction alerts to help franchisees prioritise at-risk customers.



A ‘train-the-trainer’ approach helped enable franchise managers to upskill local teams. The Goodays team, along with the internal team at Carrefour Belgium, held webinars and visited stores to train teams, set up users’ accounts and download the Goodays mobile app.


“Every Monday, we look at our NPS data and customer relationship score from Goodays. It remains top of mind for the whole company"


- Bram Vermesen, Director of Customer Excellence Stores

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The Results


Successful implementation:

  • 97% of all stores use Goodays
  • 89% average reply rate


Increased Franchisee engagement

  • 89% of franchisees achieved a response time of under 41 hours


Real-time feedback and higher NPS

  • +3 points NPS increase across the entire network
  • +31 points NPS increase in their Market Halle store



Discover more results and information on how they achieved it by downloading the full case study below. 

Carrefour Belgium engages franchisees and creates faster feedback loops with Goodays

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