Candidates and clients are top of mind at Adecco with Goodays

Candidates and clients are top of mind at Adecco with Critizr

Candidates and clients are top of mind at Adecco with Critizr

Adecco is the world's leading workforce solutions company, offering flexible placement, permanent placement, outsourcing and managed services across all sectors. For more than 50 years, Adecco teams have been committed to understanding the economic, sectoral and regulatory contexts in order to anticipate difficulties and prepare for the jobs of tomorrow. Our agency staff develop a relationship of trust with candidates to help them find the jobs that suit them best. Every week, 130,000 temporary workers are delegated to 31,000 client companies.

The Challenge

As part of an e-reputation development project, Adecco wanted to ensure the quality of online reviews of its agency branches and implement a policy of listening to candidates and temps by involving all teams, from headquarters to agency managers.

5 main pillars were defined to achieve these objectives:

  • Increasing and diversifying the collection of customer (candidate) reviews.
  • Showcasing customer reviews on the Adecco website as well as on Google My Business and Yellow Pages to drive more visits to the agencies.
  • Making the voice of the customer a focus for all employees in the business.
  • Communicating actionable elements to operational teams to enable them to create action plans.
  • Monitoring the brand's reputation at head office and agency level.

Adecco was looking for a partner capable of supporting all these objectives whilst offering a solution that was scalable, quick to implement and intuitive for its agency staff.

Candidates and clients are top of mind at Adecco with Critizr


Our main focus is to put our clients, temps and candidates at the "centre" and to facilitate their experience with our agency network. That's why we selected Critizr as a partner. They have made a difference in the market. Critizr allows us to listen to our temps and candidates continuously, in real-time and across all channels.

Amel Nazih Project Manager, Client & Candidate Experience The Adecco Group


The Solution

To offer the best experience in the market to its clients and its candidates, Adecco chose to collaborate with Goodays.

  • Thanks to the Goodays platform, Adecco collects, analyses, and responds to customer reviews, from Google My Business and to feedback solicited via email after customers visit agency branches.
  • In order to continuously improve the customer experience, branch managers are provided with relevant customer reviews to take action locally. The Adecco teams can respond to customers and quickly identify specific action points for agency branches.
  • Candidates are invited to post their reviews on Google My Business or Pages Jaunes (France’s top yellow pages). They are also showcased on Adecco’s website. The reviews, together with the positive impact of the actions taken by the branch managers in response to customer feedback, boost Adecco's reputation.
  • The HQ teams have access to a wealth of information to develop the CX strategy. Combined with the transmission of comments to branch managers for action, this anchors the voice of the customer in the daily life of all the staff. Client and candidate satisfaction has always been our priority.

"Candidates and clients are top of mind at Adecco with CritizrClient and candidate satisfaction has always been our priority. We offer them a differentiating experience that is anchored by listening, support and appreciation. Critizr enables us to interact with candidates, capitalise on our promoters and showcase the value of our agency network. We have a single tool that allows us to manage our e-reputation in optimal conditions."

Amel Nazih Project Manager, Client & Candidate Experience The Adecco Group


The Results

Adecco has made Critizr Connection a daily management tool: all agency teams are accountable for the results reported via the platform. In addition, the national and regional management of the branch network uses the analysis of customer opinions to initiate corporate improvement projects.

With Critizr, Adecco is making candidate satisfaction a strategic initiative across the company: from headquarters to the branches. Adecco uses the Critizr Connection platform to analyse opinions and comments, converse with candidates, and respond to the needs of their community through actions taken at branch level.

By listening more closely to its customers through Critizr Connection, Adecco has increased its rating on Google My Business by 42% (+0.8 pts) and its review volume by 57%.

On Pages Jaunes, Adecco improved its average rating by 63% and multiplied its total review volume by 34.


Download the Adecco Case Study here. 


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