Generative AI is Already Transforming Customer Experience

Generative artificial intelligence. Customer experience.
These are not just buzzwords for us at Goodays; they represent our firm beliefs. Explore our perspective.

1- Generative AI: an ongoing revolution in CX

Customer Service, e-commerce, logistics, marketing - generative AI is already making waves across all corporate departments. And the most enhanced area today - or at least the most visible - is undoubtedly customer service. Use cases are proliferating: automatic generation of customer responses by Salesforce, agent assistance during entry by Zendesk, and note-taking automation by Sprinklr. Major players in customer service are seizing these tools to boost agents efficiency.

This trend is far from fleeting; it signals a strategic shift towards increasingly personalized, predictive, and optimized services. Generative AI is expanding beyond customer service, redefining the landscape of user experience, from product personalization to logistics optimization. Customer experience is no exception to this ongoing revolution !

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2- A leap like no other for CX standards

Revolutions brought on by the internet, smartphones, and cloud computing have redefined customer expectations, setting new standards for speed, accessibility, and personalization. Generative AI is part of this lineage of disruptive innovations, enabling the creation of even more tailored and predictable experiences.

Today, AI builds on these foundations, catapulting CX into new realms. As usages expand, customer expectations will soar, making CX smarter, more personalized, and more predictive. Businesses that fail to keep up with these heightened standards risk being overtaken.


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3- Winners and losers

In the competitive realm of commerce, embracing generative AI is becoming a crucial differentiator. Enterprises that incorporate this technology into their CX strategy with agility and foresight are positioning themselves as frontrunners, capable of optimizing investments and delivering outstanding customer experiences.

Businesses that are hesitant or slow to embrace these technological advances risk diminishing their market position and appeal against more innovative competitors. The ability to innovate and adapt swiftly is therefore crucial to remain relevant in the near future.


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4- Generative AI will also benefit CX programmes

Cost optimization and reduced complexity are just the tip of the iceberg. Generative AI presents an opportunity to completely rethink CX programs, making them more effective, engaging, and personalized.

By leveraging customer voice, businesses can not only anticipate expectations but also offer proactive solutions. Thus, generative AI becomes a driver of operational excellence and sustainable growth.


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5- Our ambition: enabling CX programmes to harness this technological breakthrough 

At Goodays, our mission is to ensure CX programmes also benefit from these significant advancements. That's why we've chosen to place AI at the heart of the entire Goodays platform in 2024.

And this ambition is already a reality! On February 1st, we launched 'Reply with AI', the first conversational assistant for frontline teams based on Goodays' generative AI. Store managers, restaurant managers, bank advisors, mechanics, across more than 10,000 physical establishments now use generative AI to better meet their customers' needs. This feature is a significant milestone in our quest to enhance customer experience: there are now no barriers to extending a Customer centric approach throughout the whole organization. 

Stay tuned as many more features will be rolled out in the months to come!


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