Sometimes in retail, all you need is love

We asked the attendees of Retail Week Live, ‘Which retailer do you want to praise and why”,  here’s what they said.

What makes people like a brand? Or go to the next level and really fall in love with it? We all know that today’s customers want so much more than a one-dimensional, transactional process when they shop. Want your brand to stay relevant and profitable? Better make sure you offer a multi-dimensional, multi-channel customer joy ride, that leaves shoppers feeling happy, proud to be associated with your business and ready to come back for more.

The research backs it up. 73% of customers point to experience as an important factor in their purchasing decisions, behind the price and product quality (PWC Future of CX report). The tricky bit for retailers is figuring out what this means in practice. When your staff are out there trying to win shoppers hearts and minds on the shop floor and online every day, what are the tangible factors that will seduce and generate customer magic for your brand?

Retail Week Live

At last year’s Retail Week Live in London, the Critizr team took some time out to find out more. With so many retail experts in one room, we turned the tables to ask them the same simple question.

Forget the theory. When it comes to your turn to shop, which brand do you feel most proud of? And what is it that you love most about them? 


Take a look at some of the highlights here and find out what makes shopping with brands such as Pets at Home, John Lewis, Hobbycraft, Zara, JD Sports, Bodyshop and more such a thrill for our guests. Every answer is different, but you’ll be pleased to hear that there is a common thread – and that’s emotion. These diverse personal stories all ooze with love, pride, respect and gratitude for the products and experiences that each chosen brand brings to their lives. 

For some, it’s a brilliant product range with something to make a trip to the shops with a young family a happy experience. For others, it’s great people and customer service in-store that makes them feel special. Speed matters, thoughtfulness matters, as does making things easy and taking the time to sort out problems, not forgetting the importance of having sound ethics and a good philosophy. 

It’s a fascinating peek into the customer mindset and a great reminder that customers (even when they do work in retail) are all individuals….and they all want to feel a bit of love and pride when they shop. That’s why bringing more emotional engagement and a human touch to every customer interaction has never been more important for brands than it is today. Without it, it could all end in heartbreak for your customers, and they’ll go looking for brand love elsewhere.

We also hosted a Retailer panel at Retail Week Live, with the winners of our Proud of My Store Competition, check it out here.  

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