How Monoprix engages the entire company, shop floor to boardroom, in customer feedback management and CX

306 Monoprix stores are now connected to the Critizr Customer Interaction management platform, and since February 2019, the solution has been set up throughout 120 Monop' stores.

With Critizr, Monoprix switched from a survey-less system for customer listening to one that promotes a locally-based and multi-channel approach. Critizr facilitates communication with their customers, whether they made their purchase in-store or online.

Main objectives for Monoprix:

  • Identify the causes of dissatisfaction  and put improvement projects into action
  • Anchor customer listening in the day-to-day lives of all the company’s departments
  • Possess a managerial tool that makes it possible to guide the business using indicators other than purely economic ones
  • Interact with the customers to earn their loyalty and learn how to increase their satisfaction


Encourage customers to share feedback about their in-store experience 

Critizr has enabled Monoprix to gauge the satisfaction of its in-store customers as well as those who make their purchases online.

- E-mail & text message invitations to provide feedback
- In-store system: posters and checkout receipts show customers how they can share their feedback
- The customers can leave their feedback spontaneously on Google My Business and on the store's local web page

A new in-store signage system is currently being tested to reinforce customer listening for those who have not signed up for the loyalty programme.

“The feedback collection paths are adapted to our customers: each channel targets different customers. The survey is structured in a way that lets them evaluate their experience in relation to different topics: the in-store greeting, the quality of the products, and the checkout process. We attach equal importance to the customers who buy food, items of clothing, or home decoration products from our websites,” explained Brune de Bodman, Head of Customer Orientation and Performance.

Supply every department with customer feedback

“It is crucial to convince the whole management team that a tool like Critizr's offers more than just the results of a satisfaction survey. It is a real managerial tool for day-to-day use that puts the customer at the heart of the company. If the management gets the whole company to adopt that approach, we need only organise the teams so they are listening to our customers, analysing their ratings and feedback, and the success of this approach and customer satisfaction gains will be there to see,” said Florence Chaffiotte, Director of Marketing and Innovation at Monoprix.

Monoprix has made Critizr its day-to-day management tool: all the company’s teams are provided with the results collected through the platform. The network, the e-commerce department, delivery or purchasing managers rely on the analysis of customer feedback to set about improvement projects.

- At headquarters, the company has set up an NPS team dedicated to implementing and developing the customer listening strategy: identification of collection channels, roll-out, and testing.

- On the operational side, each store manager uses the Critizr For Business platform to analyse the feedback from their customers, engage in a discussion with them, and adapt their store to the customers' needs.

“The store managers have been very enthusiastic in their adoption of Critizr, because it lets them better understand their customer satisfaction scores and take practical steps to improve them. Sharing customer feedback promotes positive management. By showcasing the aspects that work really well and identifying areas for improvement, it makes the teams want to do better every day. What could be more rewarding than seeing your satisfaction scores on the rise and causes of dissatisfaction disappear thanks to everyone’s involvement?” added Florence Chaffiotte.

Give store managers a day-to-day ally

The issues raised by customers vary from one store to another.
With Critizr, Monoprix has made customer satisfaction a local issue. Each store manager handles customer feedback to identify causes of dissatisfaction and take practical steps to improve.
Only subjects concerning online services or those common to all the stores—such as topics related to purchasing—are dealt with by headquarters and handled by a working group. Customer service replies to feedback from online customers and forwards all the information to the appropriate departments to optimise the e-commerce experience.

  • Each store receives 5 to 10 customer reviews per day;
  • The customer reviews are handled on a daily basis by three people in the store:
  • Monoprix stores reply to all the customer feedback they receive, whether positive or negative;
  • Every month, Critizr sends an A4 report to the stores, encouraging in-house display of the report and management guided by customer feedback;
  • The store managers share the customer reviews, the causes of dissatisfaction, and the satisfaction ratings with all the teams at the store to get them involved and enable everyone to identify areas for improvement;

For Cyril Boucherat, Manager of the Monoprix store at Porte de Châtillon: “Critizr enabled us to change the customer relationship since we are now able to track and analyse customer feedback on the spot, whether it relates to a problem, a question, a compliment, or a suggestion. Customer feedback is shared every morning with the management team, posted on the staff bulletin board, and published in a monthly newsletter. The newsletter is internal to the store and enclosed with the payslip.”

“We give a personalised response to each customer, which helps reinforce their loyalty. In the case of negative feedback, I personally call the customer to better understand the difficulties that marred his or her experience. As the manager, I share the compliments with the teams. The employees find it very rewarding and heartening to see the customers praise their efforts in greeting them or assisting them in little ways,” said Muriel Boutelier, Manager of the Monoprix store at La Fourche.

Making Immediate progress

For the stores in general, the system centred on sales promotions was identified as a cause of customer dissatisfaction. By listening to its customers, the brand has completely redesigned the promotional signage in its stores, revised its promotions for the benefit of urban areas, and bolstered its IT processes to eliminate problems at checkout.

At the local level, waiting at the checkout was identified as one of the most common causes of dissatisfaction reported by customers at Monoprix La Fourche. Since then, we have reorganised our checkout process to make it run more smoothly. We have seen the result in better customer satisfaction.

Witness the benefits of a customer listening approach 

Critizr enables Monoprix to have focus meetings and track trends in customer feedback on specific topics: the rate of missing items in stores, the delivery service, and so on.

The brand has already seen some improvement in customer satisfaction and relationship scores locally, as well as in its NPS. Above all, it has gained in agility.

“Critizr has enabled us to take action more quickly on two levels: identifying the problems reported by our customers, and finding solutions to them. Our customer relationship has become more personalised and rooted in everyday life. Critizr has given us a more conversational interaction with our customers. That time factor strikes us as the key point for the success of our project, which has resulted in an improved NPS,” said Florence Chaffiotte, Director of Marketing and Innovation at Monoprix.


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